What to Expect

Your First Appointment

You’ve made the decision to try our clinic- great! The next step is to make an appointment and fill out your initial paperwork.

  1. To make an appointment, call the clinic at 503-266-7999.

  2. Complete Intake Form

  3. By completing your initial paperwork in advance you save yourself from the hassle of arriving early on the day of your appointment. You also have the benefit of making sure all of the information is accurate and complete- this will help our staff in providing you with the best treatment possible. We would be happy to mail this paperwork to you as well.

  4. On the day of your appointment, make sure to leave yourself ample time to get to the clinic, and please have planned for the appointment to take 1 ½-2 hours. If you have a specific time that you need to leave, please let us know before your appointment begins so that we can adjust your treatment time.

  5. Eat something before receiving acupuncture, but do not overeat. Simply make sure that you have had a breakfast, or lunch before your treatment, especially for the first time. The experience is quite powerful and can result in nausea and/or dizziness if done on an empty stomach.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Acupuncture work?
Classical TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) holds that acupuncture regulates the flow of Qi (energy) along established pathways, called meridians, in the body in order to prevent or change energy imbalances and obstructions that lead to pain and other internal disorders. Modern scientific research explains that acupuncture stimulates the nervous system to release chemicals in the muscles and central nervous system that influence the body’s internal regulating system.

The classical Chinese explanation is that channels of energy course through the body. These channels, also called meridians, are like rivers, bringing nourishment to muscles, tissues, and organs. An obstruction in these channels is like a dam that backs up and starves the tissues downstream. Injury and traumas are common causes of channel obstruction, but we also realize that emotional imbalances, poor diet, inactivity, lack of rest and chronic disease can impair channel circulation.

Needling acupuncture points directly influences the meridians. The precisely placed acupuncture needle unblocks the obstructions and re-establishes a regular flow through the meridians. This allows the body to receive the nourishment, recover from illness and return to its vitality.

Acupuncture helps the body to restore homeostasis. Our bodies are equipped with innate feedback loops which regulate everything from hormone levels to blood circulation to digestive processes. Sometimes our bodies become so imbalanced that these feedback loops fail to work. Acupuncture assists in “reminding” the body what the normal balance is so that it can correct the imbalances and function correctly again.

Acupuncture is known to increase endorphins, the body’s natural pain killers, and increase blood circulation. Therefore, injured tissues and organs can heal from the fresh blood supply, and remain pain free.

Is Acupuncture painful?
Acupuncture needles are as thin as human hair and bear no resemblance to hypodermic needles. You may feel a tiny sensation upon insertion of the needle which may be an initial ache or pinching sensation, but acupuncture is usually performed with little or no discomfort. Everyone responds differently to acupuncture which is why I ask that a patient communicate with me how they are feeling.

Is Acupuncture safe?
Acupuncture is safe when performed by a skilled, trained, certified and licensed professional of TCM. Needles generally cause no bleeding or pain. All needles are disposable, sterile and FDA-approved medical devices.

Licensed acupuncturists have undergone years of training in safe implementation. Acupuncturists are trained in exact location, angle, as well as depth of insertion of the acupuncture needle to avoid any injuries.

Is it okay to take pain medication before my treatment?
Yes. While we prefer to have an unaltered view of what is going on with your body, sometimes taking the edge off of your symptoms before you come in will allow us to more effectively treat you.

How many treatments are necessary?
No two conditions or people respond to acupuncture exactly the same. The length of treatment depends on the condition, the severity, and the duration of the condition. The physical and emotional state of the patient is important, as well as the patient’s willingness to comply with diet and lifestyle recommendations. The treatments build on each other and the effect is cumulative.

Do you treat children?
Most of the time. The modalities of treatment that I do depend upon the child’s age. Please contact me specifically if you have questions about your child receiving treatment.

Can I bring my children into the office if I am receiving treatment?
Unless I am treating your child, please leave them with a friend or family member during your treatment. You will be lying down, unable to care for them while you are receiving treatment, and we do not have staff able to care for them while you are here. If your child is older and able to care for themselves, they are welcome to come back into the treatment room, or stay in the waiting area while you receive treatment.